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Once you've decided about your Disney World holiday you should think about whether or not you want to stay in a Disney World hotel.

You will be paying more to stay in a Disney World hotel rather than an off site hotel or motel but when you're spending so much on a holiday it's not all about money. You should also consider the experience you give to your children.

There are a number of advantages when you stay in a Disney World hotel, you can for example have unlimited use of the Disney transport system and the park access is very convenient.

A Disney World hotel helps the magic to live longer it never stops. If you stay on site in a Disney World hotel then you don't need to rent a car. Perhaps that is enough to offset the cost.

There are a number of Disney World hotels both in and near Disney World. Most people don't know where to start because they are all so different.

Why don't you try Disney's All-Star resorts? These resorts are split up into three separate sections:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Sports

I personally found the All Star movie resort fantastic. The movie resort is based on lots of classic Disney movies.

Once you arrive at the Disney World hotels the first thing you will notice is how close they are to the park they're actually in it. You will notice the huge statues that are scattered throughout the park.

You can select which region you want to stay in the Disney World hotel. We stayed in the toy story section there was even a huge buzz lightyear statue outside of our window! Our son was amazed by it.

Everything in the room is themed our Disney World hotel room had everything themed as toy story, even the mattress comforters! It's really amazing

Everything is fascinating at Disney World hotels. There is a pool at most of the Disney World hotels. The pools are gigantic, and they're all themed. The pool that we went to had a giant Mickey that sprayed water all of the kids really enjoy things like that.

You would expect a Disney World hotel to be mind bogglingly expensive but that's not always the case. The Disney World all-star hotels are quite good value and in actual fact many are cheaper than the hotels located outside Disney.

The price you pay will depend on whether you travel out of season or peak season.

When you are looking for a Disney World hotel I would defiantly recommend that you check out the Disney all star resorts. They are all great themed places that really are a lot of fun.

If it's your first time at Disney World then you should defiantly indulge and try out one of the Disney World hotels. They're all themed and are all fantastic in their own special way.

The contemporary resort hotel in Disney World has the monorail that goes right through the lobby that's not only convenient it's fantastic! The Grand Floridian is very posh. If you like the outdoors then you'll love the wilderness lodge. The animal kingdom lodge can even make you feel as if you were in Africa.

Each of these Disney World hotels is an amazing experience that cannot possibly be beaten. They cost millions to build. The only problem is that they cost an absolute fortune to stay at. A standard room can cost up to around $600 per night.

All of the resorts are of different classes and so they all have their own pricing structures. So you could find rooms cheaper in the lower class resorts.

All hotels have one major problem however all of the rooms are actually quite cramped. All of the rooms are fairly compact the typical rooms are no more than 800 sq ft. in size with two beds inside.

If you have more than three children then you would either have to look at booking a suite which is more expensive or booking another room. There is of course another alternative. You could rent a private property.

Of course you don't have to stay in a Disney World hotel to feel the magic of Disney World. You could still appreciate everything about Disney World by staying in off side accommodation.

Many people have private villas and holiday homes that are very close to Disney World after all it is in Florida. Most of these are located just a hop skip and a jump from the entrance to the park.

The beauty of renting a home over a Disney World hotel is simply because they are just like normal homes. They have normal sized bedrooms, bathrooms, and even a kitchen.

A private property will not only give you more they are also a lot cheaper than Disney World hotels. These properties are very easy to rent and they really are so much cheaper. Many also have access to private pools. A private pool beats a shared hotel pool hands down!

If you (or your kids) are determined to stay at a Disney World hotel then you could let them. Just book a couple of days at the resort hotel. In these few days you can experience everything about the resort. Then simply use a vacation home for the rest of your stay.

Your kids will love the experience of the Disney World hotel, but you will feel much more at home in a private villa.

If your family is bigger than four people then you will really appreciate the extra space that a villa will give you. You can find villas with any number of bedrooms to suit parties of any size. When you or your children are sick of all things Disney they can just escape.

Plus best of all you can cook your own food. Home cooked food won't just be healthier it will also save you loads of money.

The only downside of staying in a vacation home rather than the hotel is simply because nobody can do anything on quite as grand a scale as Disney. No where else would you get the monorail stopping right outside your door.

You will have to hire a car to get to the park every day however if you price it all out you will see that you will save quite a lot of money just by not staying in a Disney World hotel.

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